The Art of Checkmate!

11.28.2020 | My favorites & Other


Until recently, I didn’t know that chess is a game that takes so much thinking, strategy, and truly a sport to be treated as a mental exercise. Yes, I have become addicted to chess. I wanted to win and say “checkmate” so badly that I have been practicing and searching for tips on becoming a better player. However, I’ve learned that even the very best players in the world use their intuition and... Read More

Overnight Skin Repair Treatment

11.21.2020 | My favorites & Other


Although I am a fanatic about hand care, I am a complete newbie when it comes to facial skincare. Since I'll be joining the 40s' club soon, I invested in one of the best skin repair treatment collections by ESTEE LAUDER. ❍ Advanced Repair Serum ❍ Revitalizing Supreme Cream ❍ Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream I found many reviews online stating how much they reduced lines and wrinkles wit... Read More

Stretch pole is one of the newest gadgets I invested in during quarantine.

11.20.2020 | My favorites & Other

Storetch Pole

It is a hard foam exercise roller about 3 feet long used by many professional athletes to massage and stretch the muscles. Rolling this pole over the muscles can delay muscle soreness post-workout, reduce back pain, soften the stiff shoulder muscles, relieve tension in the erector spine muscles, and expand the range of motion, improves thoracic mobility, relaxes the body, and much, much mor... Read More

One of my favorite things by Sheila

11.13.2020 | My favorites & Other


Hi everyone. I am so grateful for all our customers that came back to visit us as soon as we reopened the salon. To take part in our hobbies blog series, I want to talk about knot cushion taught by my mother. It’s a great way to spend time at home during the quarantine. All you need is long, thin fabrics of your choice. There are only 3 steps to take. One, hand sew these fabrics together... Read More

A spotlight on Ruth Bader Ginsburg by Kaori

11.13.2020 | My favorites & Other

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

I want to focus a spotlight on Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who served in the United States Supreme Court Justice for 27 years and fought for many human rights until she passed last month. Although I had the chance to watch On the Basis of Sex, a film based on her life story, I was not familiar with many of her astonishing accomplishments two years ago. Seeing and hearing her articles after her death h... Read More

My First Custom Tailored Suit

11.07.2020 | My favorites & Other


I purchased my first tailored suit from an online store called SENE. It was such a fun experience customizing every detail from sizing, shapes, colors, and patterns. Hey, if you see me looking good in my suit, don’t hesitate to compliment me ;0) ... Read More

The Beauty of Flower Arrangement by AKI

11.05.2020 | My favorites & Other

The Beauty of Flower Arrangement

Giving a haircut and styling hair are very similar to the flower arrangement. They both require me to create something that is beautifully proportioned in a short period of time given. I love displaying beautiful live flowers at our salon, and I take advantage of this moment of creating an ambiance for my own self-care while talking to flowers while decorating. The flower arrangement itself ... Read More

VIANGE’s happy Halloween weekend!!

11.02.2020 | Events


  It's was the happy VIANGE's Halloween this weekend. A variety of characters showed up this year! There are Chucky, Zombies, Buzz Lightyear, Wally, Bananaman, and many more... Every year the quality gets better and better, and we're already looking forward to next year's. You will see even more awesome stuff next year, so stay tuned! Thank you, VIANGE Staff... Read More