New Year’s message from Sean

01.30.2021 | News & Updates


Happy New Years. Although we are still in an uncertain situation, we at Viange Hair continue to operate with client’s safety and smile the top priority. During my holiday break, I went hiking on a winter mountain for the first time. The snow trail needed some time for me to adjust, but the beautiful snow and the fresh air was very refreshing for me to start off the new year. We are still in... Read More

Don’t forget to find small happiness and blessing.

01.29.2021 | News & Updates


Happy New Year! Thank you very much for your patronage through a very challenging year 2020. I am glad we all made it through, and I hope you had a wonderful holiday while staying safe at home. I, too, spent the New Year's holiday at home, reflecting on the past year and thinking about my goals for the New Year. I facetime with my family in Japan and I got to experience the Japanese New Y... Read More

Happy New Year! from Sheila

01.23.2021 | News & Updates


2020 was a challenging year for all of us, but I was able to appreciate so many things from so many people. That being said, I want to wish once again a happy year 2021. My new year started peacefully and quietly while staying home. “Continuance” is my new year resolution; I personally feel it is challenging to continue anything, but there’s a saying “persistence pays off”. I would like to cont... Read More

Happy New Year! from SHIN

01.22.2021 | News & Updates


Happy New Year to you all. Thank you very much for choosing VIANGE HAIR. I want to talk about my New Year's holiday events. At the end of December, I went snowboarding for the first time in about 7 years. Honestly, I didn’t feel fully safe about going on a trip during the middle of the pandemic, but my friend convinced me by saying, "You are ALWAYS busy. If you don't go now, you won't be able ... Read More

Happy New Year to you all! from Yumi

01.16.2021 | News & Updates


Happy New Year to you all! Thank you very much for coming to Viange Hair during this difficult time caused by the new coronavirus. Although the situation is still not reassuring, all of us at Viange hair are doing our best to ensure that our customers can comfortably visit us with peace of mind. Now, on a personal note, I've been going back to Japan every New Year since my child was born, b... Read More

“Otoso.” a unique traditions in Japan

01.15.2021 | My favorites & Other


Japan has become a modern country with western influences, but many traditional events and customs remain the same. One of them is the traditional New Year's dish, “Osechi” and "Otoso." I used to think that "Otoso" was the sake of celebrating the first day of the New Year. I recently discovered what real "Otoso" is and drank it for the first time. It is a medicinal sake made from soaking five t... Read More

Happy New Year! from Aki

01.10.2021 | News & Updates


I took a 30 hour road trip to Texas (which was a 60 hour round trip visit). It was my 3rd visit during 2020; I would not have driven with my Jetta if it wasn’t for this COVID-19 pandemic. Road trip reminded me of this mother nature, the round and rotating earth around the sun. I cannot express how great it feels to see the sun set in front of me, and rise from behind. Thanks to my Jetta that ran 5... Read More

Happy New Year! from Jay

01.08.2021 | News & Updates


2020 for me was big in goodbyes and new encounters. The Coronavirus brought extreme changes and forced us to temporarily close the Plano location, which has been so good to us for a long time. Upon closing the Plano salon, I moved to California, where I was given the opportunity to take care of many great customers in a brand new environment. Unfortunately, the local government asked businesses... Read More