My favorite dish “Japanese-style green curry” by Kylie

06.15.2021 | My favorites & Other


Hello! Have you tried any new dishes during your stay-at-home period? When I was in Japan, I learned how to make Japanese-style green curry from my friend who is a café manager, so I have been making it sometimes since I came to America. It reminds me the café in Japan because of the Japanese style finish. Green curry may sound time-consuming and tedious, but this dish is very easy to make ... Read More

My favorite dish “Soup” by Shin

06.14.2021 | My favorites & Other


Hi, this is SHIN from Dublin store. What am I good at cooking...
I can't really call it cooking, but my favorite dish is soup! I didn’t learn it from anyone in particular, it just came to me naturally when stewing my favorite ingredients in my favorite flavored broth and to my surprise, voila! I made a soup that is perfect for my palate. This is the only dish I can make now. This year while... Read More

My favorite dish “Steak” by Kaori

06.14.2021 | My favorites & Other


I hesitate a little when people ask me if I am good at it, but one of the dishes that everyone compliments me on is steak. Basically, if you use good meat and good salt, it will taste good, but beef, pork, and chicken all have their own degree of doneness, so the important point is to finish each one without overcooking it. It is a game of considering the size of the meat, the thickness, and th... Read More

My favorite dish “Tomato salad” by Ozzy

06.12.2021 | My favorites & Other

Tomato salad

Hello, this is Ozzy. Today I'd like to introduce you to one of my favorite dishes. Every year when it gets warm, I make a tomato salad. The only ingredients are tomatoes, onions, and cheese. I recommend mozzarella cheese, but other cheeses will also taste good. All you have to do is cut the tomatoes into slices, cut the cheese into the same size slices, top with chopped onions, and pour the ... Read More

My favorite dish “Omelette rice” by Eriko

06.11.2021 | My favorites & Other


Like many people during our stay at home, I had a lot of opportunities to cook. Now that I have a lot of cooking equipment, I am enjoying my time in the kitchen and preparing meals. I haven’t cooked anything grand yet enough to say that I am an expert in cooking, but shown in the photos are examples of the dishes that I made recently. When I reviewed the photos after taking them, the first ... Read More

My favorite dish “Soba” by Aki

06.07.2021 | My favorites & Other


I don't usually cook at all, so I don't have a favorite dish, but this is one that I want to be good at. Soba is a traditional Japanese noodle. It is a healthy food that is gluten-free and contains many nutrients that can help you live longer. Where I was born and raised, we had very good soba noodles. I remember my grandmother preparing the noodles from harvesting buckwheat and turning it into n... Read More

My favorite dish “Takoyaki” by Keiko

06.04.2021 | My favorites & Other


Have you ever heard of Takoyaki? Takoyaki is Osaka's soul food, sold everywhere you go in Osaka. My home-made Takoyaki is different from the usual ones in that it is filled with a lot of ingredients, and it is my mother's original recipe. Ever since I was a little girl, we always had takoyaki parties for birthdays and other celebrations. It is always a lively time when friends and neighbors gat... Read More

My favorite dish “Kara-Age: Japanese fried chicken” by Yumi

06.03.2021 | My favorites & Other


Hello, this is Yumi from Viange hair. Today, I would like to introduce to you my favorite dish. Before I got married, I wasn’t really into cooking nor did I do much of it but now that I am married and my family loves to eat, I have to prepare meals everyday. It is not really my favorite dish but recently I’ve been cooking “Kara-Age” Japanese fried chicken for my daughter and it is a meal that ... Read More

My favorite dish “Cream cheese dips” by Sheila

06.02.2021 | My favorites & Other

cream cheese dips

Hi everyone! I'm going to write about my favorite dishes, but I don't actually like cooking very much. So I'm going to write about the dishes I cook most often these days = my specialty. Recently, I've been addicted to cream cheese dips. It is perfect for when you are a bit hungry. The ingredients are onions, celery, crabapples, and a can of mushroom soup. You only have to mix these ing... Read More

My favorite dish “Beef bowl” by Jay

06.01.2021 | My favorites & Other


My favorite grocery store is Trader Joe's. I often make a beef bowl using thinly sliced beef. The seasoning is simple. Soy sauce, mirin, water, sugar, ginger. I use ago-dashi as a secret ingredient. Cook it well and top it with green onions and eggs. Let’s eat!... Read More