“What is essential in my life?” by Ozzy

09.23.2021 | My favorites & Other

Yellows Plus

Hello, this is Ozzy. This time I would like to introduce the glasses that are indispensable in my life. Up until about three years ago, I used to prefer wearing contacts, but then I switched to glasses. Until then, I only wore glasses when I was at home, so I was not very particular about them. However, I decided to buy a pair of branded glasses. When I tried them on, I didn't feel uncomfortable ... Read More

My summer trend colors by Ozzy

09.10.2021 | My favorites & Other


Hello, this is Ozzy. This time, I'd like to introduce my recommended summer trend color. In the summer, we tend to wear simple clothes that don't have a strong and sharp sense in style. By adding accessories that serve as point colors, you can make your style simple and even more stylish without overemphasizing it. Recently, vivid colors have been in vogue, and my recommendation is orange.The ... Read More

My favorite dish “Tomato salad” by Ozzy

06.12.2021 | My favorites & Other

Tomato salad

Hello, this is Ozzy. Today I'd like to introduce you to one of my favorite dishes. Every year when it gets warm, I make a tomato salad. The only ingredients are tomatoes, onions, and cheese. I recommend mozzarella cheese, but other cheeses will also taste good. All you have to do is cut the tomatoes into slices, cut the cheese into the same size slices, top with chopped onions, and pour the ... Read More

“MOLDIV” my frequently-used apps by Okay

05.10.2021 | My favorites & Other


Hello! Today, I would like to introduce a camera app called MOLDIV. I usually use this app as a camera, photo editor, and more! The camera offers different themes and lots of filter options for your photos or you can simply use beauty filters and smooth skin features for your selfies. The camera comes with filters and skin beautifying features, but not too much, which I really like! It is hi... Read More

” iPad mini ” my favorite thing by Okay

04.13.2021 | My favorites & Other


I'd like to introduce my iPad mini that I've been using for about two years. I’m sure many of you have an iPad Pro, but I love my iPad mini. The size of the iPad mini is just right to hold in one hand and it's perfect for reading books and comics. You can also use an Apple pencil that’s very suitable for taking notes while standing, and I also use the iPad as a notebook to carry around ... Read More