“Big Hero 6” the movie recommended by Eriko

07.14.2021 | My favorites & Other

Collaboration between my favorite city and my hometown

You may have seen the comedy drama "Full House" set in San Francisco once. The foggy Golden Gate Bridge, the beautiful slopes of San Francisco with cable cars running through the city... There are so many famous places in San Francisco set in that drama. I was in elementary school at the time when this drama was aired in Japan, and I longed to visit this city someday to see it.

Since then, living in the Bay Area, watching movies set in San Francisco has become one of my hobbies. From action movies to romance, when I hear that a movie is set in San Francisco, I can't help myself but get curious and check the movie out. I find myself blurting out things such as "Isn't that the scene over there?" or “I know this place!" Living in the area makes watching these movies more enjoyable in certain different ways.

The movie I recommend is Big Hero 6.

Big Hero 6

From the movie "BIG HERO 6" San Fransokyo Concept Art. ©2014 Disney. All Rights Reserved.
Test render of San Fransokyo skyline during the day

Please don't underestimate it as a children's movie.The movie is set in San Fransokyo, a fictional city where the cultures of San Francisco and Tokyo are merged. The more you watch the movie, the more you will find yourself distracted from the story by the high quality and attention to detail of the Japanese culture. And the more you observe the movie, the more you will be fascinated by the accuracy and their commitment to the Japanese culture. With the original Golden Gate Bridge with a Torii motif and a Japanese-style cable car, it's a movie that's twice as fun if you know San Francisco. Check it out!