“What is essential in my life?” by Kaori

09.14.2021 | My favorites & Other


The one thing that has been essential in my life, and will continue to be an indispensable existence in the future, is my relationship with people. I think that my relationships and encounters with various people brought me to who I am today. In retrospect, things will endlessly happen in the present or in the future because of a past event or encounter. I've been lucky enough to have met some ver... Read More

My summer trend colors by Kaori

09.10.2021 | My favorites & Other


My trend colors for summer 2021 are buttercream and mint green or ash green. Both of these colors are my original favorite colors and I want to push them further since that is the trend color of the summer. I think these two colors can be applied to both fashion and hair color. Fancy mint or ash green variegated hair with a butter cream jacket is a mature but naughty style. On the other hand, a c... Read More

Seven Rules to Impose on myself by Kaori

08.11.2021 | My favorites & Other


Hi, This is Kaori. These are the 7 rules that I always keep in mind as a hair stylist Be mindful of appearance. Behave in a professional manner. Don't impose my own opinions, instead suggest it. Shampooing is a fundamental part of being a hairstylist. Counsel the customer until both parties are satisfied. Do not have fixed ideas about tools and techniques if you want to prov... Read More

“Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence” the movie recommended by Kaori

07.03.2021 | My favorites & Other


I love watching movies under the Sci-Fi category. My recommended movie came from a series called Ghost in the Shell. This series was originally a Japanese animation film and was aired all throughout Japan.   Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence There has been a movie adaptation for this series starring Scarlett Johansson and the live-action version has garnered a lot of core fans. The ori... Read More

My favorite dish “Steak” by Kaori

06.14.2021 | My favorites & Other


I hesitate a little when people ask me if I am good at it, but one of the dishes that everyone compliments me on is steak. Basically, if you use good meat and good salt, it will taste good, but beef, pork, and chicken all have their own degree of doneness, so the important point is to finish each one without overcooking it. It is a game of considering the size of the meat, the thickness, and th... Read More

“Audible” my frequently-used apps by Kaori

05.07.2021 | My favorites & Other

What is my frequently-used app? I find Audible as one of the most useful apps. Who would not love to settle down in some place quiet and leisurely reading a good book? But I just don’t have the luxury of time, so I use this app in the car while driving. With the technology advances in our world, it is very convenient for me how the app provides audio books you can listen to at any time, ev... Read More

” Coffee mill: Capresso ” my favorite thing by Kaori

04.14.2021 | My favorites & Other


I'm glad I bought it! This is the coffee mill "Capresso" that I have been using for the past two years. I have used hand-ground ones in the past. It was good but it takes a lot of time and effort. So, I looked for something better and came across this one. I like dark roasts, but even the same dark roast can vary greatly depending on the bean and how it is roasted. I think a medium gri... Read More

My favorite service that I offer: “Effortless natural look hairstyle” by Kaori

03.09.2021 | My favorites & Other


My favorite service that I offer is effortless natural look hairstyle. I aim to achieve natural and beautiful style that suit each client by performing all three services: haircut, color and perm. My goal is to make my clients feel good, look good, effortlessly. ... Read More

“Otoso.” a unique traditions in Japan

01.15.2021 | My favorites & Other


Japan has become a modern country with western influences, but many traditional events and customs remain the same. One of them is the traditional New Year's dish, “Osechi” and "Otoso." I used to think that "Otoso" was the sake of celebrating the first day of the New Year. I recently discovered what real "Otoso" is and drank it for the first time. It is a medicinal sake made from soaking five t... Read More

End of Year Appreciation Message from Kaori

12.28.2020 | News & Updates


I believe everyone had thought year 2020 would be a great year, especially with this “2 0 2 0” repetitive number. I was one of the people to think that way especially with my “BEST YEAR EVER” planner I found at the beginning of the year. It turned out to be a very unclear and insecure one that no one ever experienced before. However, with that situation, I was able to look back at myself and about... Read More