Top 3 Most Ordered Styles / Designs : Aki

10.05.2021 | Popular Trends


No.3 - Short bob Since before the pandemic, people who hadn't cut their hair in a year or two have been coming to our salon every day. Some of them donate their long hair, and many of them go home feeling refreshed after a bold haircut. No.2 - Perm This year, more and more people want to have a perm for the first time to change their mood. The most popular perm is the low-damage, low-noise ... Read More

“What is essential in my life?” by Aki

09.17.2021 | My favorites & Other


If I had to pick a single tangible substance that is indispensable in my life, it would be scissors. Of course, I have spent half of my life as a hairstylist. The essential tool that has enriched my life is undoubtedly "scissors". Other than the scissors I use as a hairstylist, I have another pair of scissors. These are the scissors that I use as a florist, which is my alter ego. I also use sci... Read More

My summer trend colors by Aki

09.03.2021 | My favorites & Other

color trend for this summer is chamomile

My best hair color trend for this summer is chamomile. The transparent and gentle shade of chamomile is one of the trendy colors of this year. It has become a trend for me, too. This is the time of year when we go outside to avoid the sun and wear more light colors. It's very difficult to add transparency to your hair because you need to avoid too much muddiness and color and also remove the ... Read More

Seven Rules to Impose on myself by Aki

08.02.2021 | My favorites & Other


Here are the 7 rules that I have made for myself as a hair stylist. Don't use charts to see them with fresh eyes. When I cut hair, I ask the client to stand up so that the hairstyle will fit the body properly. To be unique, don't copy what the next hairdresser or salon is doing. Provide the best experience with the least amount of service charge and ensure the same quality at all tim... Read More

“Backdraft” the movie recommended by Aki

07.10.2021 | My favorites & Other


This movie is one of the classic old films that was released in 1991 and is one of the best movies of all time. I saw it for the first time when I was in high school, and at that time, I had not yet decided what I wanted to pursue, and thought of becoming a firefighter. I was so struck by the bravery of the firefighters and how brotherly love overcame a rivalry, that I kept watching it over and ov... Read More

My favorite dish “Soba” by Aki

06.07.2021 | My favorites & Other


I don't usually cook at all, so I don't have a favorite dish, but this is one that I want to be good at. Soba is a traditional Japanese noodle. It is a healthy food that is gluten-free and contains many nutrients that can help you live longer. Where I was born and raised, we had very good soba noodles. I remember my grandmother preparing the noodles from harvesting buckwheat and turning it into n... Read More

“Clubhouse” my frequently-used apps by Aki

05.12.2021 | My favorites & Other


Not too long ago, I used to be very engrossed with YouTube, but recently I’ve been spending most of my time on Clubhouse. It is a whole new type of social media app using voice chat. It’s an app where you can be a member of a club with people who share the same interests or enter a room where you can discuss a topic you’re interested in. There are different settings in a room. For example, th... Read More

” Dyson Airwrap ” my favorite thing by Aki

04.09.2021 | My favorites & Other


What's the best thing I've bought lately? Dyson's "Airwrap".   It allows me to create styles that I couldn't do before. It's easy, fast, and safe, though it depends on your hair type. I recommend for people with soft hair that is difficult to produce volume. I also recommend for people with hard hai... Read More

My favorite service that I offer: hair perms. by Aki

02.05.2021 | My favorites & Other

hair perms. by Aki

I believe that a hair perm is everyone's best friend that makes your life easier. Many people think that it damages the fair, but I specialize in offering perms that are gentle to the hair. They make your hair easy to style and give more texture so that you can play with them in so many ways. The best part is you save 10 minutes of your time in the morning. Some people want the perms done witho... Read More

Happy New Year! from Aki

01.10.2021 | News & Updates


I took a 30 hour road trip to Texas (which was a 60 hour round trip visit). It was my 3rd visit during 2020; I would not have driven with my Jetta if it wasn’t for this COVID-19 pandemic. Road trip reminded me of this mother nature, the round and rotating earth around the sun. I cannot express how great it feels to see the sun set in front of me, and rise from behind. Thanks to my Jetta that ran 5... Read More