My favorite service that I offer: “Head Massage” by Sean

02.26.2021 | My favorites & Other

Today, I want to talk about one of my absolute favorite services that I provide for my clients, head massage.

Just like stretching your body muscles can help improve blood circulation and loosen the tightened muscles, head massage softens muscles around your head.

Our heads are made up of membranes called the capitate tendon membrane located at the top of the head and three major muscle groups connected to it; frontalis located above forehead, temporalis located above the ears, and occipital muscles located above the neck. Unlike muscles, these membranes cannot move on their own, and they can easily get stiff causing three surrounding muscles to get stiff also. Because all muscles are connected to each other, if one part of the muscle is stiff, the rest muscle groups will also become stiff.

What do we mean by stiff muscles? When the frontalis muscle becomes stiff, the eyebrows gravitate and cause the eyelids to droop easily. Stiffness in the temporal muscles can cause facial lines.Stiffness in the back of the head can cause neck and shoulder pain.

It is very important to have frequent head massages that help to relax your muscles, not only to grow beautiful hair but for overall health. When I give head massages, I focus on stimulating acupuncture to improve the blood flow which plays a role in strengthening hair by delivering nutrients to where its needed.

I believe that head massage is an essential service to grow strong, healthy, glowing hair and keep your body strong from inside out.

Have more questions or concerns? Don’t hesitate to ask me anything, I'm happy to be your service.