My summer trend colors by Kaori

09.10.2021 | My favorites & Other


My trend colors for summer 2021 are buttercream and mint green or ash green. Both of these colors are my original favorite colors and I want to push them further since that is the trend color of the summer. I think these two colors can be applied to both fashion and hair color. Fancy mint or ash green variegated hair with a butter cream jacket is a mature but naughty style. On the other hand, a c... Read More

My summer trend colors by Kylie

09.10.2021 | My favorites & Other


Hi, I'm Kylie from Saratoga store. My trendy color for this summer is pale beige. It can be used for eyeshadow, clothes, hats, and hair color. I think it's a color that is easy to use, not too flashy and not too natural, as natural designs are popular right now. I think it's a good color to use. I always use it as a one-point color. ... Read More

My summer trend colors by Sara

09.10.2021 | My favorites & Other


This summer's trendy color for me? It's my favorite, ice blue. Summer means the ocean, rivers, and mountains. I like to go and play marine sports in the ocean, barbecue by the riverside, climb mountains where I can get as close to the sky as possible while watching the beautiful river flow and plants in the mountains, and cool off. So, the trend color for summer in my mind is close to the color... Read More

My summer trend colors by Keiko

09.10.2021 | My favorites & Other


This summer I'm kind of in a nudie mood for my feet. I bought my favorite sandals from Charles&Keith, so I decided to go for a nudie pedicure to match. I'm a big fan of colored shoes, so I tend to wear colorful shoes on my feet as well, but I'm grateful for the simple color, which is fresh and makes my skin look beautiful. I think I'm going to be hooked. ... Read More

My summer trend colors by Ozzy

09.10.2021 | My favorites & Other


Hello, this is Ozzy. This time, I'd like to introduce my recommended summer trend color. In the summer, we tend to wear simple clothes that don't have a strong and sharp sense in style. By adding accessories that serve as point colors, you can make your style simple and even more stylish without overemphasizing it. Recently, vivid colors have been in vogue, and my recommendation is orange.The ... Read More

My summer trend colors by Yumi

09.10.2021 | My favorites & Other


Hi, This is Yumi. This summer trend colors for me are white and green. Whenever I go shopping for clothes or shoes these days, I tend to pick up white and green. In the past, I would wear white once in a while, but rarely green, often choosing monotone black or beige. These days, I am realizing that makeup, fashion, and tastes change with age. Everyone gets older. I would like to continue to p... Read More

My summer trend colors by Jay

09.10.2021 | My favorites & Other


This summer, earthy colors are my favorite. I like colors that are not too vivid and have a vintage feel to them. I like the color of shirts and shoes in my daily coordination. I also like to wear monotone items that have a matte texture without any shine. I spend my holidays with earthy colors as part of my fashion. Here are some pictures of my favorite items: ... Read More

My summer trend colors by Sean

09.09.2021 | My favorites & Other


This summer trend color for me is white. I wear white for both work and everyday wear. White gives me a simple and clean feeling. White also matches the California sky very well. I wear white at work because it is easy for me and my clients to check hairstyle in the mirror. Another advantage of white is that it can be bleached to make it bright white again when it gets dirty. Let's all wear whi... Read More

My summer trend colors by Sheila

09.08.2021 | My favorites & Other


Hello everyone! I'm in the mood for a salmon-pink color trend this summer. I used to collect blue things and accessories rather than having pinkish colored ones, but now I'm more into pinkish colors because I want to brighten up my mood. Colors can really change your mood, and colors that accentuate your mood are pretty. The hot days still ahead, I'm looking forward to enjoying the summer in bri... Read More

My summer trend colors by Shin

09.04.2021 | My favorites & Other


Hello, this is SHIN from Dublin store. This time's topic is summer trend colors in my mind, and my trend lately is pale colors! In particular, my favorite fashion lately has been pale shirts with patterns, and this is my favorite. I have always liked patterned shirts, and I usually wear patterned shirts on my days off. It's still hot here in California, so please be careful of heat stroke ... Read More