End of Year Appreciation Message from Eriko

12.18.2020 | News & Updates


To our clients, Every year tests us in many ways, but this one has been more challenging than usual. Losing my job due to COVID-19 was the hardest and biggest change that happened to me in 2020. Still, this year has taught me how to be grateful and brought me great joy in knowing no matter the economic climates we’re in, I have my family, friends, colleagues, and customers, and we will come out... Read More

The Art of Checkmate!

11.28.2020 | My favorites & Other


Until recently, I didn’t know that chess is a game that takes so much thinking, strategy, and truly a sport to be treated as a mental exercise. Yes, I have become addicted to chess. I wanted to win and say “checkmate” so badly that I have been practicing and searching for tips on becoming a better player. However, I’ve learned that even the very best players in the world use their intuition and... Read More

Meet the Stylists : Eriko (Eyelash Artist)

10.31.2020 | News & Updates


Eyelash Artist: Eriko Main Branch:  Saratoga (SPA) Eriko is a master eyelash extension technician who specializes in both Japanese and American style lashes. She takes her time creating custom designed lashes that compliment her clients' unique eye shapes, facial structures, personal requests and even their lifestyles. She also helps her clients with eye makeup advise that looks best w... Read More