Happy New Year! from Aki

01.10.2021 | News & Updates


I took a 30 hour road trip to Texas (which was a 60 hour round trip visit). It was my 3rd visit during 2020; I would not have driven with my Jetta if it wasn’t for this COVID-19 pandemic. Road trip reminded me of this mother nature, the round and rotating earth around the sun. I cannot express how great it feels to see the sun set in front of me, and rise from behind. Thanks to my Jetta that ran 5... Read More

Year end’s message from AKI

12.31.2020 | News & Updates


When I welcomed 2020, my initial new year’s resolution focused on staying positive and becoming an inspiration to the people around me by setting an example. Well, little did I know that we were on a year-long roller coaster ride! So many unexpected things happened, and we all faced challenges in different ways. To be honest, not only did I forget that I made a New Year's resolution to stay pos... Read More

The Beauty of Flower Arrangement by AKI

11.05.2020 | My favorites & Other

The Beauty of Flower Arrangement

Giving a haircut and styling hair are very similar to the flower arrangement. They both require me to create something that is beautifully proportioned in a short period of time given. I love displaying beautiful live flowers at our salon, and I take advantage of this moment of creating an ambiance for my own self-care while talking to flowers while decorating. The flower arrangement itself ... Read More

Meet the Stylists : Aki (Artist)

09.17.2020 | News & Updates


Stylist: Aki Main Branch: San Francisco, Saratoga, Dublin, Fremont Salon Aki has been working as a professional hairstylist for over 22 years in both Japan and the United States. He studied and worked in Japan for the first 12 years of her career where he mastered various hair techniques and then moved to the States to work and continue brushing up her skills. Since then, he’s been working as... Read More