“Shazam” my frequently-used apps by Eriko

05.14.2021 | My favorites & Other

Ah, what is this song?

If you like music, you’ll probably use this app, Shazam.



A very helpful music recognition application that I often use. It is a handy app that instantly solves that sense of perplexity!
Every now and then you can hear a TV commercial, a background music in a store, or a melody somewhere on the street, and you ask yourself, "Oh, I wonder who's the artist of this song?"
With Shazam, all you have to do is play the song or simply hum the melody then it will show you the title of the song and its related videos.
Ever since I started using it, Shazam never fails me in recognizing instantly a wide variety of songs, as long as they are not too geeky, old, or original songs that are not popular.

Shazam is not only good for searching songs you like to know but it also features the songs that are most listened to by people in a country or region. I tried to play the recommended songs and if I like it, I can easily add it to my playlist. It's quite exciting to discover new songs.
As I spend longer period at home, I have more time to listen and discover more music. Until then, when I can finally go to a live show or concert, I'll just keep searching for more music that I like and enjoy listening to them at home!