“What is essential in my life?” by Aki

09.17.2021 | My favorites & Other

If I had to pick a single tangible substance that is indispensable in my life, it would be scissors. Of course, I have spent half of my life as a hairstylist. The essential tool that has enriched my life is undoubtedly "scissors".

Other than the scissors I use as a hairstylist, I have another pair of scissors. These are the scissors that I use as a florist, which is my alter ego. I also use scissors when I arrange flowers.

I have been using scissors for a long time and in different aspects in my life.
I have used scissors for sewing. The scissors I used to open presents. The scissors I used to open letters. The scissors I used to cut the grass. I've encountered many different kinds of scissors.

As for now, the two types of scissors that I use for designing seem to tell the story of my life. I still wonder how many scissors I will encounter in my long life.
I'm looking forward to it.