“What is essential in my life?” by Ozzy

09.23.2021 | My favorites & Other

Hello, this is Ozzy.
This time I would like to introduce the glasses that are indispensable in my life. Up until about three years ago, I used to prefer wearing contacts, but then I switched to glasses. Until then, I only wore glasses when I was at home, so I was not very particular about them. However, I decided to buy a pair of branded glasses. When I tried them on, I didn't feel uncomfortable like I did when I was wearing the glasses I had before, and they also changed my appearance, which drew me into the charm of glasses.
The glasses I've been wearing these days are made by a Japanese brand called Yellows Plus. I think the fascinating thing about Japanese eyeglasses is that the lenses are thin and you can’t seem to feel that the glasses are making a statement. It is difficult to go back to Japan these days, but if you are interested, I hope you will visit and check them out..

Yellows Plus