“What is essential in my life?” by Shin

09.14.2021 | My favorites & Other

Hello, this is SHIN from Dublin store.
This time I would like to talk about the things that are essential in my life.
Of course, my answer would be scissors and hair clippers. I would like to say that these are the most important things in my life but that wouldn’t be too interesting, would it?

So I’ve decided on this one.

It’s music!

Music has been my companion ever since I started to work as a hairstylist. I have come across many famous songs and with the technologically advanced world we have today, it is convenient to search for various music on Spotify or YouTube music!

I guess this makes it an essential part of my life!

By the way, I like a wide range of genres.
My favorite genres vary from JPop to Jazzy hip hop, 90’s hip hop R&B, soul, and house music.

I will share my playlist in another project next time!