My favorite service that I offer: hair perms. by Aki

02.05.2021 | My favorites & Other

I believe that a hair perm is everyone's best friend that makes your life easier. Many people think that it damages the fair, but I specialize in offering perms that are gentle to the hair. They make your hair easy to style and give more texture so that you can play with them in so many ways. The best part is you save 10 minutes of your time in the morning.

Some people want the perms done without a cut, but I want to tell you that the secret is the two services come as two in one to achieve the full effectiveness. You must take the unwanted hair and stress off of your hair first to make the miracle happen with the perms.

I am confident that getting a perm will change your life; if not, the valuable time you spend in the morning 😉

hair perms. by Aki