” Dyson Airwrap ” my favorite thing by Aki

04.09.2021 | My favorites & Other

What's the best thing I've bought lately?
Dyson's "Airwrap".




It allows me to create styles that I couldn't do before.
It's easy, fast, and safe, though it depends on your hair type.
I recommend for people with soft hair that is difficult to produce volume. I also recommend for people with hard hair who find curling irons too time-consuming.
Since there are several sets, there are various types of attachments, each with its own uses, and all can be used. The photo shows the volume set.

The Airwrap curling attachment makes it easy and safe to create soft textured curls with less worry on hair damage.
I would like to show you how to use it in a video next time. So stay tuned!