” Tangle Teezer Compact Styler ” my favorite thing by Eriko

04.07.2021 | My favorites & Other

If you have long hair or damaged hair that gets entangled, you need to try this!
I have long hair that gets tangled easily and the knots would lead to hair breakage or split ends. It’s a recurring problem for me but this product makes your hair really tangle-free. It makes my hair smooth and glossy.




British-made Tangle Teezer states “The unique brush structure and material of the tangle teezer allows you to unravel your hair without applying excessive force, thus minimizing damage to the hair cuticles.”
I like long hair with less layers and more style. With this brush, I can smoothly comb my hair without putting undue strain on it. It's amazing. It doesn't get stuck. The volume of my hair is greatly reduced after I comb through it.
I bought a compact type that is convenient to carry around. But there are also other types with a handle for everyday use like blow-drying and even for wet hair when bathing.
I'm glad I bought it! Please check it out and see for yourself.