” iPad mini ” my favorite thing by Okay

04.13.2021 | My favorites & Other

I'd like to introduce my iPad mini that I've been using for about two years.


I’m sure many of you have an iPad Pro, but I love my iPad mini.
The size of the iPad mini is just right to hold in one hand and it's perfect for reading books and comics.

You can also use an Apple pencil that’s very suitable for taking notes while standing, and I also use the iPad as a notebook to carry around every day. With paper notebook, it takes time to paste a photo and write notes and comments. But with an iPad mini, you can take a photo and write a memo immediately, making your notes easier to understand.

You can split the iPad into two screens, left and right, and watch videos while taking notes. There’s not a single day thatI don’t use my iPad mini.

I think there is no other device that has all these features and is easy to carry around.
Please give it a try if you are interested!
In my next post, I'll introduce some useful tools and recommended apps for the iPad.