My favorite dish “Omelette rice” by Eriko

06.11.2021 | My favorites & Other

Like many people during our stay at home, I had a lot of opportunities to cook. Now that I have a lot of cooking equipment, I am enjoying my time in the kitchen and preparing meals.


I haven’t cooked anything grand yet enough to say that I am an expert in cooking, but shown in the photos are examples of the dishes that I made recently. When I reviewed the photos after taking them, the first thought that came to mind was, “That’s a children's lunch!”. I somehow ended up making omelette rice, hamburger steak, gratin, minced meat cutlet when I decided to cook what I wanted to eat.

In Japan, these dishes are often mistaken as Western food or foods that came from overseas, but in fact, most of these dishes originated in Japan and are garnished through a Japanese style plating.

My favorite food in particular, the Omurice (Omelette rice), is a Japanese name combination of the French word "omelette" and the English word "rice". The rice is usually seasoned with ketchup or sometimes butter and mixed with other ingredients to add texture, color and taste; then the rice is wrapped with a fluffy omelette. It is important to control the amount of force when wrapping so as to not break the omelette and to keep the temperature of the frying pan to low heat. However, lately I have been having fun experimenting on different ways to season the omelette rice. Recently, I started adding demi-glace sauce to the dish, and it tastes perfect for me.