“Otoso.” a unique traditions in Japan

01.15.2021 | My favorites & Other

Japan has become a modern country with western influences, but many traditional events and customs remain the same. One of them is the traditional New Year's dish, “Osechi” and "Otoso." I used to think that "Otoso" was the sake of celebrating the first day of the New Year.

I recently discovered what real "Otoso" is and drank it for the first time. It is a medicinal sake made from soaking five to ten kinds of Chinese herbs overnight. It tastes a bit strange, but I’m sure it’s great for my body. I love that there are so many unique traditions in Japan, and I am still learning Japanese customs that I am not familiar with.

Well, I feel cleansed from detoxing bad luck and ready to receive some fortune in this new year. Cheers!