Seven Rules to Impose on myself by Aki

08.02.2021 | My favorites & Other

Here are the 7 rules that I have made for myself as a hair stylist.

  1. Don't use charts to see them with fresh eyes.
  2. When I cut hair, I ask the client to stand up so that the hairstyle will fit the body properly.
  3. To be unique, don't copy what the next hairdresser or salon is doing.
  4. Provide the best experience with the least amount of service charge and ensure the same quality at all times.
  5. For a problem or request from the customer, instead of deciding about why it cannot be done, search for a way for it to be done first.
  6. For complex hair colors, test the hair before and share to the customer what the best results are.
  7. I use only three scissors and I handle them as if they were a part of my body.