Seven Rules to Impose on myself by Sean

08.11.2021 | My favorites & Other

Hi, This is Sean. Here are the 7 rules that I have made for myself as a hair stylist.

  1. Always welcome and see off the customers with a smile and express gratitude.
  2. Keep in mind to implement the “ultimate soft touch”.
  3. Taking care of repeat customers
  4. As long as you stand in front of the mirror, act professionally and proudly, whether you are confident or not.
  5. Straighten your posture.
  6. All customers should be treated the same way. Do not show favoritism or treat them inappropriately.
  7. Focus and do your job properly. Don’t perform in a weird way or try to show off to the customer.

Those are my Seven Rules.
I always remind myself of these rules in my head.
Thank you.