Don’t forget to find small happiness and blessing.

01.29.2021 | News & Updates

Happy New Year!

Thank you very much for your patronage through a very challenging year 2020. I am glad we all made it through, and I hope you had a wonderful holiday while staying safe at home.

I, too, spent the New Year's holiday at home, reflecting on the past year and thinking about my goals for the New Year.

I facetime with my family in Japan and I got to experience the Japanese New Year's festivities over the phone. My mother showed me a photo of an empty lot in front of my house full of snow! Look how much snow there is in my hometown. It reminded me of how I used to play in the snow when I was little. Ever since I was a child, snowfall was such a mysterious thing to me, and I always made a wish while looking at the sky.

Today, as an adult, I made a wish as I looked at this photo, for a better world to come when the snow melts. This year yet still requires some more patience. What we can do is stay united and optimistic.

Again, we are so grateful for your continuous support throughout this challenging time. Don’t forget to find small happiness and blessing.