Top 3 Most Ordered Styles / Designs : Eriko

10.05.2021 | Popular Trends

Eyelash extensions make your eyes look gorgeous. The number of curls, lengths, and shapes you can get, and the combination of doll eyes, tawny eyes, and other designs is endless.
The most popular eyelash extensions that we receive the most orders for are...

No. 3 - Brown lashes
Brown eyelashes are very popular among people who don't want to go too dark but want to make their eyes look bigger. The brown color blends well with the skin and gives a soft and fluffy impression. If you lighten your hair in the summer, you can use a similar color for your eyelashes to match your hair. You can choose from four different lightnesses: dark brown, olive, bordeaux, and camel.

No. 2 - Hybrid Lashes
This style uses both single (Classic) and volume lash hairs. You can enjoy both the clarity of single lashes, which emphasize each individual lash, and the delicate hairs of volume lashes, which fill in the gaps. Volume Lash fills in the gaps fluffily, while Single Lash creates an eyeliner effect.

No. 1 - Natural Cat Eye (see attached photo)
In this age of masks, the trend in makeup has shifted to the "natural" look.
If you add a little length to the outer corner of your eyes, you can achieve a mature and elegant look. The length of the lashes makes them look much more beautiful when you look down, which makes you look very sexy when you look down or in profile.

Did you find a style that you like?
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Natural Cat Eye