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★  YUMI's Travel Plan After Corona

I had my eyes set on a boutique-style resort located about three-hour south of San Francisco, California, called Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort & Spa. Many people told me that some rooms have hot tubs on their balconies, and sulfur from the natural springs has a similar scent to Onsen, which really makes me want to go back to my hometown so bad! Sycamore Spa is definitely one of the top places I want to visit soon after Corona ends.


★ KAORI's Foodie Trend

My hot new trend is cooking Middle Eastern cuisine. The main ingredients are vegetables and legumes with so many kinds of herbs and spices. Their flavors are very complex, and each dish usually has a pretty strong punch to it. I was shocked how legumes make it a very satisfying meal even without the use of meat. 

Oh! And they were fantastic with a glass of Spanish wine! I'm not a vegetarian, but I can see myself becoming one if I could enjoy a meal like this every day.


Dining in an Iranian restaurant

★ Find out KYLIE's hot new beauty item

I recently found a fascinating beauty item called a face pointer. It is a pen-like tool to massage and relax facial muscles. I ordered one directly from Japan, so I am very anxious to try and write a report about it. Stay tuned, everyone!

★ AKI's newly developed digital perm. 

Some of you may know this, but I am really into the art of hair perms. I'm obsessed with it so much that after months of researching, I have developed my own style of digital perm called "Ultra-low Sound Digital Perm." There are several factors about this perm that is very different from the conventional perms. 

Heat damage is one of the critical factors to avoid in any hair treatment. I was able to minimize the thermal effect by using a special type of foil to heat the hair efficiently without raising the temperature too high. This remarkable technique requires a unique hair cut and chemical product to improve thermal conductivity while reducing damages dramatically. This revolutionary perm also has another benefit; it creates more volume from the root, which couldn't do in the industry before. 

We have many clients who have concerns with the size of their face, so this ultra low-sound digital perm is the perfect solution to add volume to your hair naturally and softens the hair texture at the same time.