Rocking Off-White

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Who hasn’t heard of the high-end streetwear apparel brand, Off-White? Many celebrities have been spotted wearing Off-White, including Kanye West. I’ve seen several customers coming into the salon wearing it as well. I want to give a quick background of this brand for those of you who aren’t familiar with  Off-White. Off-White is a  fashion brand produced by an American designer, Virgil Abloh. Recognizable designs for this brand include bold lines and large printed logos plastered on the back of plaid shirts and blank hoodies.

Off-White first gained popularity among fashionista celebrities, and from there, it became one of the fastest growing fashion brand in the world. In Japan, Off-White has become one of the hottest brands among celebrities and dancers for both men and women. I believe it’s safe to say that Off-White is drawing attention from all around the world as THE luxurious streetwear brand. How does Off-White stand out from all the other streetwear brands? Their designs are very bold and eye-catching with high-quality materials that are not used for conventional street fashion.
Off-White clothing isn’t your style? They have more than clothing, so it’s easy to incorporate this brand with its variety of shoes and accessories. Check out their bags, shoes, and jackets and enjoy a different look from your usual style.

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