Which of the Four Hair Coloring Type Should You Go For?

09.02.2021 | Trends, VIANGE HAIR San Francisco, VIANGE HAIR Saratoga, VIANGE HAIR Dublin, VIANGE HAIR Fremont, VIANGE HAIR Plano

When it comes to hair coloring, there are four main options; single process, double process, highlight, and balayage. Many of our clients have a hard time figuring out which is the best for them. Today, we want to explain these four types with images to guide you through what to look for for your next salon visit.

Single Process

This is a hair dye process with one single color. The outcome depends on the base color of your hair. For brown tone base color hair, the standard process time takes about 1 to 1. and a half hours.

Double Process 

The double process has two steps; first, the base tone is prepared by lightening the hair with cosmetic bleach or lightener. Whether to use bleach or lightener for the base tone is determined by your hair type for this. Then, the finishing hair dye is applied to achieve the final color.

Base color: Processed using cosmetic bleach
Toner: White blonde

This client wanted to achieve a very light, ash tone hair, so to prepare the base tone, we processed two to three-time using cosmetic bleach. At-home maintenance can prolong the hair color to last much longer than usual.

Base color: Cosmetic bleach
Toner: Light ash brown

This color design uses cosmetic bleach that is much more transparent and pastel than using a lightener.


Hair highlighting is a coloring process to add light colors randomly in vertical lines.
Both cosmetic leach and lightener are used to create the design. Color toner is also applied to complete the look.

Treatment time: 3 to 4 hours


Base color: Natural hair
Highlights: Cosmetic bleach
Toner: Ash tone hair dye

This client wanted subtle highlights with fine colors added to create contrast and volume to her hair.


Base color: Pink ash brown
Highlights: Cosmetic bleach
Toner: Pink ash hair dye

We've brightened the base color to design a natural look with a subtle twist.


Base color: Light brown
Highlights: Cosmetic bleach
Toner:  Ash brown

This classic highlight hairstyle is designed using both cosmetic bleach and a lot of chips. Bold highlights are added to very natural color hair that adds movement to your hair.


To design balayage-style hair, the bottom portion is mostly brightened using cosmetic bleach and lightener. The top to middle parts is highlighted gradually using cosmetic bleach and lightener mix.



Base color: Natural hair
Balayage: Costmeti bleach and lightener
Toner: None

The finished look is executed without using any toner to achieve a very natural brunette look. The outcome varies depending on the individuals' hair condition.


Base color: Natural brown
Balayage: Cosmetic bleach and lightener mix
Toner: Shadow roots and natural brown

This client has natural light natural hair, so we've darkened the roots and lightened the ends with balayage.


Base color: Ash brown
Balayage: Cosmeti bleach
Toner:  Ash hair dye

The classic balayage hairstyle with a soothing tone that suits anyone. Looks beautiful curled or straight.


Still not sure which style to go for? Visit us, and we'll consult you on color options and hair conditions that give you the long-lasting hairstyle that suits best with your lifestyle.