3 Tips to Maintain a Long-lasting Hair Color. 

10.31.2021 | Hair Care, VIANGE HAIR San Francisco, VIANGE HAIR Saratoga, VIANGE HAIR Dublin, VIANGE HAIR Fremont, VIANGE HAIR Plano

There's so much fun in getting new hair color, but many people find it not as fun and hard to maintain the color.

Here are 3 tips that can keep your hair looking beautiful longer.

1: Shampoo infrequently as possible

Do not wet or wash your hair for 24 hours post-color treatment. You want to let the color settle into your hair, so shampooing right after the hair coloring could wash them away. Be mindful of the water temperature when taking a shower. Hot water could open up the hair cuticle and accelerate the color to fade faster. Cold water makes the hair brittle and easy to break, so stick to moderately warm water. Be sure to use hair treatment, so your hair won't be dried and damaged for the next color touch-up. This also prevents the color from fading.

2: Use color-protecting hair products 

Standard shampoos and conditioners do not contain proper ingredients that help the color to last long. Also, a regular shampoo has strong chemicals to wash away oils; it also takes the colors away each time you wash your hair. 

3: Dry immediately with a hairdryer post-shower

Hair is highly susceptible to damage when it is wet, so it's a must that you blow-dry right after taking a shower. The hair cuticle opens when it's wet, so the longer you leave it wet, the more pigment will fade. Avoid using a hairdryer for too long to improve color retention, and keep a good distance from your hair.


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