Effortless Hair Care Routine You Can Do At Home

03.29.2021 | Hair Care, VIANGE HAIR San Francisco, VIANGE HAIR Saratoga, VIANGE HAIR Dublin, VIANGE HAIR Fremont, VIANGE HAIR Plano

What are some of the hair care routines you take besides basic wash and occasional leave-in conditioner? Today, we want to talk about a few easy steps you can add to your routine that give your hair the extra boost.

Step 1. Patience is the key. Do not apply shampoo immediately after wetting your hair. Be sure to rinse your hair through your fingers and massage your scalp under hot water for over a minute and a half. This little effort helps the shampoo to get foamier, and even without using shampoo, you can get rid of more than 80% of dirt in your hair by doing this.

Step 2. Rinse 3 times the time you spent washing your hair, especially if you have long, lavish hair. This means, if you spend 1-minute washing, then you must spend 3 minutes to rinse off. Remember, leftover shampoo tends to get unrinsed near the roots resulting in clogging the pores. 

Step 3. Gently drain your hair, and apply the treatment to the ends of your hair. Damaged hair is airy like a sponge, so leave the treatment for 2-3 minutes and let it penetrate the hair by squeezing and releasing slowly. (The key is to release slowly!)

Step 4. Leave-in hair oil by Cres is a multi-purpose hair treatment that can be used both before or after drying hair to style. The oil also serves to block UV rays. Want hair volume?  Apply it on the ends only if you have hair that gets flat easily.

Remember, direct sun rays can harm your hair way more than you can imagine. Keep your beautiful hair protected by choosing the right hair products with rich nutrients to have the long-lasting glow of your desire.

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