Save your Damaged Hair with Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

07.01.2021 | Rene Furterer, VIANGE HAIR San Francisco, VIANGE HAIR Saratoga, VIANGE HAIR Dublin, VIANGE HAIR Fremont, VIANGE HAIR Plano

Is everyone staying cool? I cannot believe we had a record-breaking temperature, and it's only early July.  Today,  I want to talk about the deep conditioning treatment service we offer at VIANGE HAIR and the best way to keep your hair healthy. But first, allow me to explain the difference between salon treatments vs. home treatments. Salon treatments penetrate much deeper into hair and scalp compared to at-home treatments.


Hair is made up of three major layers, as shown in the image above.

Cuticles - Coating on the outside hair.

Cortex - Stores protein and melanin, which affects how long color and perms lasts.

Medulla  - The core of your hair core

Deep conditioning treatment focuses on repairing the cuticle and cortex. The cuticle is the armor that protects the inside of the hair from external stimuli. Cortex stores proteins and melanin in the core. It accounts for 90% of the hair. To lock the cortex inside the hair, you must repair the coating on the outer layer. Having holes in your cuticles causes the color to fade and loosens perms. Unfortunately, your hair cannot reverse the damage on its own, so intensive salon treatment is necessary to replenish the protein and melanin. But this doesn't mean you should receive treatment frequently. Regardless of the thickness, you can only replenish them so often, so it is best to see your stylist once or twice a month to repair them properly. Home care treatment is still recommended if you cannot make a regular visit. It's important to protect the cuticles from external because the outer coating thins out from shampooing, UV rays, and hair friction daily. Home treatment is an emergency measure to take, especially in dry California that can damage your hair even if you don't have dyed or permed hair.

As I mentioned before, hair cannot regenerate itself, but we're here to give you a deep conditioning treatment that can replenish and rejuvenate. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit us for a free consultation.