One Model. Six Different Looks.

05.01.2020 | VIANGE HAIR San Francisco, VIANGE HAIR Saratoga, VIANGE HAIR Dublin, VIANGE HAIR Fremont, VIANGE HAIR Plano

I hope everyone’s doing well! Today, I want to show you how different hairstyles and makeup can change your look dramatically. So, here are six different ways we styled our model.

The following photos are numbered in the order that we cut her hair over the course of several months.

Style One: The Girl Next Door

This was the hairstyle she had when she visited our salon for the first time—a very soft look.

Style Two: The Cool Girl

The first three words that came to me when she came for her first cut were: down to earth, relaxed, and posh. So, we gave her an asymmetrical bob. A style only a cool girl can pull off (in my opinion).

Style Three: Mod Me Up

When she came to our salon for the second time, I notice that she has a square facial structure, which I didn’t notice the last time she visited us. We went with a bold hairline across her cheekbones to make her face looks sharper—the ultimate, stylish mod look.

Style Four: Foxy Pixie

On her third visit, she gave us permission to do whatever our hearts desired! Hooray! Here’s her edgy, sexy, and stylish pixie cut. Enough said.

Style Five: Boy Meets Girl

Her hair had grown out since her last visit. This time, we aimed to achieve a look that was neither masculine nor feminine. A look that was both feminine yet boyish.

Style Six: The Feminine Divine

We wanted to create a strong, modern, and empowered look. If you see a woman with this hairstyle, she’s not one to mess with.

You see? Hairstyles and makeup can change so much of your look. As a hairstylist, we always try to find the best style that suits our customers based on the season, customers’ fashion, and makeup. We believe it’s our job as professional hairstylists to listen and understand what the client wants to achieve. However, we also want to give advice based on our experiences, and sometimes that means adding a twist to our clients’ requests to achieve the best look. Our goal is to provide a service including a consultation that you won’t find anywhere else but here, at VIANGE HAIR.

We pride ourselves on being more than just hairstylists; we are hair designers. It is our mission as professionals to deliver happiness to our customers. In order to keep this promise, we will continue to explore, practice, and pursue industry knowledge and technical skills for as long as we call ourselves hairstylists. Thank you for your warm support and for taking this journey with us!

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